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Pediatric Massage Therapy

Our licensed massage therapists offer their services to clients of all ages. Pediatric massage therapy is a modality that targets the specific needs of children; even though many of its benefits are identical to the ones provided to adults. Massage is intended to relieve pain and reduce anxiety for clients at every age. But there are unique benefits that come with pediatric massage.


Before you schedule a pediatric massage, be sure to let your child know what to expect from a massage.  The session can be stopped at any time and the therapist can make all the adjustments necessary to keep your child comfortable.


*Pediatric massage requires a parent or guardian to be present in the massage room for the duration of the session for any child 15 years and younger.

Benefits of Pediatric Massage

It’s a given that massage relieves pain and anxiety across the board, but pediatric massage has its own techniques that are designed to treat issues that are more commonly seen in children.  Each treatment is adjusted for the physical and cognitive development of the individual child. The session will also be customized to treat any medical conditions the child may have.  Some children are just curious about massage and want to try it out for fun. Others may be living with a debilitating illness that requires a more medicinal approach.

General Massage Benefits for Children

  • Decreased hyperactivity and irritability

    • A relaxing Swedish massage is a soothing treatment for children.  The calming effects do more than encourage good behavior, though. The reduction of hyperactivity can improve the child’s ability to concentrate.

  • Improved sleep

    • Getting a child on a regular bedtime routine can be difficult at times.  The relaxation that comes with massage therapy can help your child sleep through the night and develop a more functional body clock.

  • Eased loneliness and fears

    • Many children struggle with social anxiety.  The very thought of receiving body work can be anxiety-provoking for any child, especially a shy one.  If a social phobic child can put fear aside and seek out the healing power of touch, the child might become more open to social and physical interactions with others.

    • Pediatric massage therapists aren’t just there to provide therapeutic human touch.  They’re also excellent listeners. Children should be aware that emotional release during massage is not only normal, it’s healing.

Medical Massage Benefits for Children

  • Treatment for sports-related injuries

    • Naturally, children possess high levels of energy.  Whether or not the child is an athlete, the risk of injury from high-energy play and impulsive behavior is still present.

    • Sports massage accelerates the healing process post-injury.  Massage before playtime is also helpful, as the warming of the muscles prevents injury from overuse.

  • Calming effects for children with autism

    • While the severity and symptoms of autism vary greatly, children with high strung personalities and tics can achieve a level of relaxation they so rarely experience.

    • Facial massage can be especially soothing for children with autism.

  • Supplemental treatment for children with chronic illnesses

    • Being diagnosed with a serious illness is scary for anybody, regardless of age.  A young patient may be enduring both physical and emotional stress as a result of an illness and could use massage as a part of their treatment plan.  They can find pain relief and emotional support through touch therapy.

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